Does TikTok is the revolutionary platform for advertisers?

Maya Odeh
3 min readJun 1, 2021

Maya Odeh Growth Marketing & User acquisition Leader


Well, many people ridiculed TikTok for various reasons once it started to flourish globally. But, after the pandemic struck it became the needed dose of silliness and entertainment and became a perfect platform for activism.

TikTok is not just another place to get updated. It shows people’s emotions and their expressions. This new-age app feels familiar but is unique from the social media apps we have ever seen.

TikTok Ads seem to be the future for marketers. For most, social media platforms, the toughest part is keeping both advertisers and the users happy. But TikTok has been very successful here and has an edge over other social media platforms as they are running ads in a way making it not annoying for the users. Marketers are in awe of the app already as the users get to consume their ads as a part of the overall experience. The ads are mostly appearing on the user’s feed rather than during a video. An ad looks just like a video itself and does not go the extra mile to stand out. The experts claim that TikTok Ads are the future as they are completely different from other ad running platforms such as YouTube and Facebook which make the user well aware when an ad is running. TikTok ads do not damage the user experience at all.

Let me cite one more reason to target TikTok for advertisements. Who spends the most even if they earn less? It is the Millennials. Did you know that more than 35% of TikTok users are Millennials? The figure will increase further in the future. This fact makes TikTok a paradise for advertisers. Plus they provide you multiple ad formats for your namely brand takeovers, in-feed videos, top view ads, brand AR, sponsored content, sponsored hashtags, and challenges.

TikTok influencer marketing was a talk of the town since it was launched but the concept broke the ceiling with its impact in 2020. With its global dominance, presence in TikTok is getting important for brands. Many influencers are finding TikTok a perfect way to grow their fan base and interact with them. It won’t be a bad idea at all to hire an influencer with a massive followers to represent your brand. You can create a TikTok influencer campaign and trust me, you are certain to find an influencer perfect for you to partner with. You should have heard about challenge-based influencer marketing campaigns on TikTok. This is a tested and proven way to attract more viewers and create brand awareness among people.

Mainly, the future of TikTok depends on how well they make their platform market-friendly and make it further engaging. The reason is, it is visible that major companies are trying to make a mark on TikTok to expand their social media reach. Currently, it is visible that TikTok is following the right strategies. Their growth from this point depends on how well they are capitalizing on brand engagements.

It’s too early to guarantee that it is going to reach the popularity levels achieved by Facebook and Instagram. Let me take an example to further elaborate my point. There was a video-sharing platform by the name “Vine” back in the day. Currently, nobody hardly remembers it. And many such apps emerged and disappeared with no impact at all. Nevertheless, the future seems bright for TikTok and apparently, it is rewriting the entertainment industry providing the next generation with a tool to express themselves in a new and creative way. Finally, the brands should be there where their audience is. And now for most of the brands, it seems to be TikTok for sure.

Maya Odeh

Digital Agency